Greene Prairie Shrimp

Where to Buy Greene Prairie Shrimp

We sell at the farm, through direct sales to food vendors and retail stores, and to other distributors.  We currently make a weekly run to Tuscaloosa and Birmingham, AL ,and a monthly run to the Curb Market on Madison Ave in Montgomery, AL. Users of our product include businesses listed below.

South’s Finest Meats, Demopolis, AL
La Gran Fiesta Restaurant, Demopolis, AL
Manna Grocery & Deli, Tuscaloosa, AL
Whole Foods Market, Birmingham, AL
Whole Foods Souheast Distribution Center, Alpharetta, GA
Western Supermarkets in Rocky Ridge, AL and Mountain Brook, AL
Ragtime Café, Hoover, AL
Comedy Club, Hoover, AL
Piggley Wiggley in Homewood, Crestline, and Riverrun, AL
Some Brunos and Food Worlds

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