Greene Prairie Shrimp


Our goal is to produce a superior quality all-natural shrimp without using pesticides, herbicides and antibiotics, and without incorporating preservatives and water enhancing salts (sodium tri-polyphosphates) during processing. We sell to both the retail and wholesale markets. We market shrimp as a fresh product during the harvesting period (September – October) and as a frozen product throughout the year. Shrimp are individually quick frozen (IQF) or frozen in a block of water. We can custom pack shrimp according to a buyer’s specifications.

We are often asked how the flavor of our shrimp compares to that of an oceanic shrimp. Our shrimp have a sweeter, more delicate flavor profile than an oceanic shrimp.  They do not possess an iodine-like flavor often associated with shrimp.  Try them yourself!

Mature Shrimp Mature Pacific White Shrimp
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